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Updating our TFS environment from 2013.3 to 2013.5,

Hello all

I have been tasked with updating our On Premise TFS environment from 2013.3 to 2013.5, that said I have not done this before and seem to be unable to find a definitive way of upgrading.

Currently our setup is as follows:

1 x DB server
1x Web server (sharepoint)
1x Application Server
1x Release Management server
10 x Build servers

The questions I have are below if anyone can advise please?

  1. Can I update to 2013.5 directly using the file here TFS2013.5 running it on the application server.

  2. How do I update? I gather I need to backup the TFS_Warehouse db but will i need to backup all of the project db's also the ReleaseManagement db too?

  3. Will I need to update Release Management server or will this be part of the update?

  4. Will the RM clients need updating?

  5. Will Sharepoint update or is this a manual process?

  6. MS Deployment agents will they need updating or will that be part of the setup?

If anyone could give me advice or even better a step by step I would be most grateful.

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