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My 15yr old son has a Laptop and mobile (Oppo A54). I have both these gadgets linked to Family Safety so I can lock/unlock his gadgets whenever I need. However, I noticed that his laptop screen time hours works perfectly fine (locks him out on the time I set). However, his mobile (Oppo A54) isn't locked during those times I set. I have it set to 'Share the limits on all devices'. I also not that if I change the screen time settings to NOT 'Share the limits on all devices' it only shows the laptop as my son device and his Oppo phone isn't showing. I have tried to use the QR Code and send it to my son's mobile and click to re-download family safety but still not working. I have checked everywhere in Family Safety apps but couldn't find anything why the Oppo A54 is not locking during the screen time. Please help.

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