How to add Pictureslibrary access toggle-switch in Settings/Apps/App-Info

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I have a UWP/DesktopBridge app in the Microsoft Store that has the Pictureslibrary capability in its manifest file. When I open Windows Settings / Privacy / Installed Apps and then open Advanced Options for my app I don't see any possibility for the user to enable/disable the Pictures access. How can I change the manifest file or apply some code to allow the user to see the toggle switch? The reason I am asking is because some users report that on Windows 11, although the capability is set in the manifest file, access to the pictures libary is not allowed. I.e. the following generates an exception: var library = await StorageLibrary.GetLibraryAsync(KnownLibraryId.Pictures);

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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  1. Jos Huybrighs 336 Reputation points

    Problem doesn’t seem to occur anymore.

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