2 failover clusters with the same nodes? Options for Migrating a 3 node hyper-v failover cluster to a 4 node Parity failover cluster

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Would like to know if the following is possible. We want to shift our 3 node hyper v failover cluster (WinSrv2019) using three way mirroring to a 4 node failover cluster using parity instead to increase our CSV space. Current setup: 3 Nodes each with four 8TB HDD, two 1.6 NVME SSD's and one 1.6 TB SATA SSD. Planned setup: 4 node failover cluster using parity. Plan: Don't want to undo the cluster because we want to minimize downtime and still have failover. I have 3 spare 8TB HDD drives that I can use so...

  1. Take 1 8TB HDD out of the current existing CSV for the first already existing cluster
  2. Create a second failover cluster that all nodes will participate in, though using 2 8TB HDD's for the second CSV and this one will be configured to use parity. So in essence nodes 1-3 will participate in failover cluster 1 and nodes 1-4 will participate in failover cluster 2 Is this possible?
Windows Server Clustering
Windows Server Clustering
Windows Server: A family of Microsoft server operating systems that support enterprise-level management, data storage, applications, and communications.Clustering: The grouping of multiple servers in a way that allows them to appear to be a single unit to client computers on a network. Clustering is a means of increasing network capacity, providing live backup in case one of the servers fails, and improving data security.
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