Need to Move my Resource Group to Another Subscription Error

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I have been having this problem for a month now. I have a disabled "pay-as-you-go" subscription that is disabled and I cannot re-enable it. All generic responses do not work. Here is a link to that thread. Because of these issues, I have decided to start a new subscription and move my resource group to the active one and delete the old one, but I now have this error message. Is there anyone who can connect with me live to resolve this issue. I have a deadline and this has been a terrible experience.

The subscription '48d38426-22f4-410b-8340-91840c2bf640' is disabled and therefore marked as read only. You cannot perform any write actions on this subscription until it is re-enabled. (Code: ReadOnlyDisabledSubscription) (Code: ReadOnlyDisabledSubscription)
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Azure Resource Mover
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  1. Alistair Ross 7,101 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    What is it you are trying to move? Is it resources that can just be redeployed as code? When a subscription is disabled, operations to create or update resources (PUT, PATCH) are disabled. Operations that take an action (POST) are also disabled. You can retrieve or delete resources (GET, DELETE). Your resources are still available. As moving of a resource group performs a POST request, you will not be able to move it. Only support can help you with this issue, and while some steps may seem trivial, they have a process they have to follow. Your options here are to continue with the support ticket, so they can get to the stage that they can remediate or escalate or to start again from the beginning. I hope this gets resolved for you Alistair

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