Why did my storage costs suddenly increase by 700% ?

LeoJue 30 Reputation points

What I'm using:

  • Blob Storage
  • In the archive tier
  • With 4-5 TiB of used capacity

The Problem:

My normal daily costs were 0,15 € in April. But in one day, the costs increased to 4,02 € and the day after that 6,78 €. I got an alert and looked at my cost analysis. Somehow the product "Blob Features - SSH File Transfer Protocol LRS - EU North" was billed as if I was using it hourly. But I hadn't changed anything regarding the blob storage in the last few months and had never used SFTP. After disabling SFTP in the storage aacount settings, the costs stopped adding up. Here you can see my daily costs for April 2023 (in german):grafik


I then set up logging and enabled SFTP again for a few hours. And as expected, te costs started to add up again. But I cold not find anything in the logs regarding SFTP or SSH. By then I had also changed the network settings to only allow certain IPs, which also did not change the progress of the costs.

My question

Has anyone encountered a similar problem or knows anything, that could help me solve it? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Winson C 50 Reputation points

    BTW, got comms from MS about increase in cost for SFTP enabled BLOB. And due to system error, they charged without warning and will waive all charges. So just need to make sure they are really waived.

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  2. Ryan Hill 27,031 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    To @LeoJue and others on this post that were affected, my apologies.

    The latest update from the product group is there was a system error that inadvertently started the replacement of monthly charges over hourly for SFTP enabled storage accounts before the communication was sent out.

    Those affected should have a received an email title Your Azure Blob Storage billing may change if you are using SFTP beginning 1 June 2023. You won't be responsible for any charges prior to 1 June 2023 and will receive a credit for any charges associated with SFTP usage with Blob for April and May of 2023. Starting next month 1 June 2023, SFTP still enabled on an Azure Storage Blob container will receive charges listed on the pricing page.

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  3. David Broggy 5,701 Reputation points MVP

    Hi Leo If you're sure the costs were associated with sftp and you've never used it, then it's possible there was a glitch in your subscription. I would open a support ticket with Microsoft and see if they could credit you back. However since it's such a small amount it's possible this was just a one-off glitch and you could just ignore it until it happens again, and then call Microsoft support to get them to look into it. This has not happened to me personally however I have seen questions here in the Q&A that say there was a one-time glitch and no explanation for it. Good luck.

  4. Lawrence Borbón 21 Reputation points

    Hi Leo, it happened to me also, actually it started on the same day April 18. User's image

    At first, I was thinking this charge was related to the Redundancy configuration, that's why you can look at the color change on April 24, that's when I tried to change it to LRS. Obviously, that doesn't stop the billing. Then I change my SFTP configuration to this. User's image

    Are those the same values you have in your configuration? Also, I take David's advice and already open a support ticket with Microsoft. Thanks both for sharing

  5. Winson C 50 Reputation points

    Hi all,

    I had the same issue in both two storage account that has SFTP enabled on two different Azure subscriptions. They both show a daily cost of $9.89 per day starting from 6-Apr. They are not even used, as they were created for some testing a while back, there is only 3MB storage used. I have deleted this storage (this is free credit which I am ok) before I found this thread.
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    This is my second storage account which is using a PAYG subscription. Same thing, $9.89 daily starting from 6-Apr, and this was also just used for testing and no data in it. I have just disable SFTP on this now and will monitor if the cost stops. For this I will raise a ticket since I have my credit card linked to this.

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    I think there is a bug or something has change with how the SFTP is being charged by just enabling it with any usage.