Azure ML Pipeline suddenly fails (500 internal error)

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I have a pipeline that I have been running successfully for the last 2 months.

Now, one of the jobs runs successfully, I am checking the logs, but when it reaches the final steps I get: Finalizing ... Finalizing ... Finalizing ...

Failed to execute command group with error Docker container `5b5f21c26f5948a293ec4e7d4e8bd542-lifecycler` failed with status code `1`. Service 'HOSTTOOLS_CAPABILITY' returned capability end response with code: Response { code: "500", error: Some(Error { code: "TerminationError", message: "hosttools process exit unexpectedly with code: Some(1)", target: "hosttools-capability", node_info: None, category: SystemError, error_details: [], inner_error: None }) } How can I solve this issue?

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