How to integrate Ms Project Online Desktop Client with Ms Teams Project App?

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Hello All,

I am looking for a way to integrate my desktop Project client with Teams.

Couple of questions that arised:

  1. I am working in desktop client. Can I save and have an immediate integration of the project in Teams? Example: A Team of my choice can access my file in the form that Teams allows, with buckets and timelines and charts and everything?
  2. I am working in Teams tasks kanban board. Can I save and export the board into desktop client? Let's say a project had been run in a kanban board so far and I have assigned People, tasks, due dates, labels etc. I don't want to manually copy every single information but would like to just somehow export the whole data into desktop format. Is that possible?

Technical info, app version:
Microsoft® Project® Online Desktop Client MSO (Version 2303 Build 16.0.16227.20202) 64-bit

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