Office 2021 issue with RDS server 2022

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I contact you because I have a recurring problem on a RDS 2022 server with Office 2021 LTSC, and Office 365 accounts.


This server is used by 6 people spread over 2 remote sites, the server is installed on a third site.

The connection between sites is made via a site to site VPN.


On site 1, the RDS server is working very well, no problems have been reported.

On site 2, Outlook crashes regularly when you click in the window (on an email, on the reply button, ...) : the hourglass turns for 10 to 30 seconds and then Outlook unblocks.


Generally the problem appears when Outlook is open, you work on another program (e.g. Chrome) and then, you return to the Outlook window.


We already had the problem a few months ago with the same customer, the only solution to solve it was to recreate a new RDS server. It solved the problem for a while but the problem is back.


Here are the solutions tested to solve the problem :

  • New RDS session, from the stations of site 2 : the bug appears. It does not appear when connecting to the same session from site 1.
  • Reformatting a workstation at site 2 : the bug is still there. The computers are in Windows 11, not integrated to the domain. If I integrate them to the domain the problem is same.
  • Connection of a workstation from site 2 to the RDS, via a 4G connection sharing and a nomad VPN to site 3 where the server is located: the problem appears. The same test with a workstation from site 1 : no Outlook problem.
  • Change of the default printer (because a capricious printer driver often leads to bugs on the Office pack) : no better.
  • Moved the RDS virtual server to another physical Hyper-V server : no better.
  • Install a new PC on site 2 : at the beginning no problem then after a few days of use the problem appears systematically.
  • Uninstalling Office 2021 and installing Office 2019, then Office 2016 : this does not change the problem.
  • New Outlook profil : no change.


I admit I'm a little short on solutions.


It looks like a unique identifier in the PC that is not reset when the client workstation is reformatted is stored in the RDS. When the Outlook bug appears, this identifier is somehow "burned out" and no matter what you do the bug appears. This explains why by reinstalling a new RDS the problem is solved.


Obviously nothing in the Event Viewers...


Have you ever encountered this kind of problem?


Thanks for your help,




PS : sorry for my bad English level, I hope you can understand the issue and help me.


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  1. Limitless Technology 43,216 Reputation points

    Hello there,

    Do you have any high-level GPO in place? Are you facing this issue only with specific profiles?

    It's possible that your current Outlook profile has become corrupt or inaccessible, which is why Outlook is crashing on your computer. If that's the case, you'll have to create and use a new Outlook profile.

    You can Run Outlook Diagnostics to collect more information

    Also, Investigate possible issues caused by add-ins.

    Hope this resolves your Query !!

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  2. roro04 0 Reputation points


    There is no GPO specific to the users who encounter the problem. All RDS users have the same GPO.

    I have already tried to recreate the Outlook problem several times, it does not solve the problem.

    I have disabled all add-ons and it doesn't solve the problem.

    The Outlook Diagnostics wizard doesn't find any issue...

    I am convinced that the problem is related to the RDP client, because the same RDS session works from one workstation, but causes problems from another workstation.

    Thank you

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