Encoded Properties from Graph API objects

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I am using Graph API to pull many different Intune objects and use them for custom reporting. Currently I am focuses on a couple of specific examples within the AppConfiguration data types (#microsoft.graph.iosMobileAppConfiguration and #microsoft.graph.androidManagedStoreAppConfiguration specifically in this case).

These objects seem to be holding their configuration settings in an encoded format. the #microsoft.graph.androidManagedStoreAppConfiguration has property name "payloadJson" and #microsoft.graph.iosMobileAppConfiguration has "encodedSettingXml".

How are these properties encoded? I presume they are simply encoded to save network bandwidth, but is there any security concern with me decoding them? My report is focused on capturing the current state of our Intune Environment and note changes as they occur, so I need to be able to read these settings blobs in plain text if possible.

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  1. Mitchell Thatcher 1 Reputation point

    Nevermind. I figured it out. For those coming after me. A simple Base64 decode works. Here is the code I used.