How to fix "state: NotValidated" in result of "az webapp config storage-account list"

Yasuhisa Shimamura 25 Reputation points

I want to mount Azure Files to Azure App Service.

Additionally, I want to connect to Azure Files from App Service through a service endpoint.

Azure App Service is configured with VNET integration.

I have allowed the VNET and subnet configured in VNET integration through the Storage firewall and set up a service endpoint.

With this configuration, I have mounted Azure Files in Storage to App Service.

However, when I run az webapp config storage-account list with Azure CLI, I get the following response.

    "name": "azure-files-mount",
    "slotSetting": false,
    "value": {
      "accessKey": "my-access-key",
      "accountName": "mystorage",
      "mountPath": "/mounts/share1",
      "shareName": "share1",
      "state": "NotValidated",
      "type": "AzureFiles"

Please tell me the solution to set the state to OK.

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  1. Andriy Bilous 10,381 Reputation points MVP

    Hello @Yasuhisa Shimamura

    To troubleshoot your issue, please first check limitations:

    If above limitations are not related to your case try

    • Ensure that the storage account and the App Service are located in the same region.
    • Check firewall settings or try to enable all traffic
    • Make sure that the "Allow access from" option is set to "Selected networks" and that the appropriate VNet and subnet are added to the "Virtual networks" list.
    • Test the mounted storage. Open SSH session to App Service and execure df -h
      Check latency or general reachability of the storage mount with the following command:
      tcpping <Storageaccount>