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Bunch of secrets being automatically created in key vault that is integrated into Azure ML workspace(s). These secrets seem to be generated by the ML resource/service itself and continues to generate new secrets.

 Can you please help with the document for these secrets?

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    @D-0887 Thanks, When you perform operations in Azure ML that require secret values to be stored like creating connections, datastores, or workspace management operations, the key vault instance associated to the workspace is used to store those secrets.

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  1. Konstantinos Passadis 13,766 Reputation points

    Hello @D-0887

    The secrets being automatically created in your Key Vault integrated into Azure ML workspace(s) are likely generated by Azure Machine Learning itself for various purposes such as authentication, data access, and encryption.

    Microsoft provides documentation on some of the secrets that may be automatically generated by Azure Machine Learning, along with their purposes and recommended management practices. You can refer to the following links for more information:

    "Manage secrets in Azure Machine Learning": This article provides an overview of secrets in Azure Machine Learning, including what types of secrets can be stored in Key Vault and how to manage them.
    "Authentication in Azure Machine Learning": This article explains the different authentication methods supported by Azure Machine Learning and how to configure them, including how to store credentials securely in Key Vault.
    "Encrypt data for privacy and compliance in Azure Machine Learning": This article explains how to use Azure Key Vault to encrypt data in Azure Machine Learning, including how to manage the keys and secrets required for encryption.

    It's also recommended to regularly review the secrets stored in your Key Vault and remove any that are no longer needed to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information.

    I hope this helps

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