Does Blazor Server 7 need to call MapRazorPages()?

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When Visual Studio creates a Blazor server app, there's no call to app.MapRazorPages() in Program.cs

But I do see that call in a lot of examples. Is that something that used to be needed? Or should it be added back in?

I am using Asp.Net Core 7, Blazor server side.

thanks - dave

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  1. Ruikai Feng - MSFT 2,531 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi,@David Thielen,

    all your razor components were rendered on _Host.cshtml by default

    the document related

    • _Host.cshtml: The root page of the app implemented as a Razor Page:
    • When any page of the app is initially requested, this page is rendered and returned in the response.
    • The Host page specifies where the root App component (App.razor) is rendered.

    And app.MapFallbackToPage("/_Host"); is required to map different paths to _Host.cshtml

    Then ,you could check the source codes here

    public static PageActionEndpointConventionBuilder MapRazorPages(this IEndpointRouteBuilder endpoints)
            return GetOrCreateDataSource(endpoints).DefaultBuilder;
    public static IEndpointConventionBuilder MapFallbackToPage(this IEndpointRouteBuilder endpoints, string page)
            PageConventionCollection.EnsureValidPageName(page, nameof(page));
            // Called for side-effect to make sure that the data source is registered.
            var pageDataSource = GetOrCreateDataSource(endpoints);
            pageDataSource.CreateInertEndpoints = true;
            RegisterInCache(endpoints.ServiceProvider, pageDataSource);
            // Maps a fallback endpoint with an empty delegate. This is OK because
            // we don't expect the delegate to run.
            var builder = endpoints.MapFallback(context => Task.CompletedTask);
            builder.Add(b =>
                // MVC registers a policy that looks for this metadata.
                b.Metadata.Add(CreateDynamicPageMetadata(page, area: null));
                b.Metadata.Add(new PageEndpointDataSourceIdMetadata(pageDataSource.DataSourceId));
            return builder;

    The two extension methods both call EnsureRazorPagesServices(endpoints); to handle razor page endpoints.

    So you could visit razor page endpoints in default Blazor Server project even if app.MapRazorPages() is not called

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    Ruikai Feng

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  1. Bruce ( 59,051 Reputation points

    You only need it if your site includes razor pages, say you use the identity package or add your own razor pages.