How do I relink backups, such that I do not create a new full backup every time my internet fails.

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Sorry if this has already been asked. I have a Qnap server and I am trying to backup my photos stored on there to Azure. However, whenever the internet fails or the backup gets interrupted I have to start the full backup from scratch. Is there any way to get my backup to recognise the data already there and just backup the differential amount. Many thanks!

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    To avoid creating a new full backup every time your internet fails or the backup gets interrupted, you can implement an incremental backup strategy. Azure provides several services and tools that can help you achieve this, such as Azure Backup.

    Here's an approach you can consider to achieve incremental backups:

    Check if Azure Backup is supported by your QNAP server. Azure Backup has integration with certain QNAP models, allowing you to directly back up data to Azure. Refer to the QNAP documentation or Azure Backup documentation for compatibility and setup instructions.

    Configure Azure Backup on your QNAP server. Follow the instructions provided by QNAP or Azure to set up Azure Backup on your QNAP device. This typically involves installing a backup agent or extension on the QNAP server and connecting it to your Azure subscription.

    Set up a backup schedule. Configure a backup schedule that suits your needs. You can choose to perform backups at regular intervals, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

    Enable incremental backups. In the backup configuration, ensure that you have enabled incremental backups. This allows Azure Backup to track changes since the last backup and only transfer the differential amount of data during subsequent backups. Incremental backups help optimize storage usage and reduce backup duration.

    Monitor backup status. Keep an eye on the backup status and ensure that backups complete successfully. In case of interruptions or failures, Azure Backup will automatically resume the backup from where it left off, minimizing the need to start from scratch.

    By implementing incremental backups, you'll only transfer the changes made since the last backup, saving time and bandwidth. This approach helps minimize the impact of internet failures or interruptions during the backup process.

    Remember to consult the specific documentation and guidelines provided by QNAP and Azure Backup for detailed instructions and best practices specific to your setup.

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