Converting .CTL to .CSV on ADF

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I am working on copying activity to convert .ctl to .csv I need to know what file format I should select in the Data set for the .ctl file

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    Good day! Kumar.R

    The file format you should select for the .ctl file in your dataset depends on the structure and content of the file.

    If the .ctl file is a text file with a fixed structure, you can use the "Text" file format in your dataset. In this case, you will need to specify the delimiter used in the file (e.g., comma, tab, space) and the column names and data types.

    If the .ctl file is a binary file or has a complex structure, you may need to use a custom file format. In this case, you will need to define the schema of the file using an XML schema definition (XSD) file. You can then use the "Binary" file format in your dataset and specify the XSD file in the "Schema" setting.

    Keep in mind that the "Binary" file format is designed for files that are not human-readable, so if your .ctl file is a text file, it is generally better to use the "Text" file format.

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