Sum of Two Short types in C#

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Why do we have an error in the sum of two short types? But not in Int types.

using System.Numerics;

namespace ConsoleApp3;
internal class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        short x = 1, y = 1;
        short z = x + y; //// Compile-time error

        int a = 1, b = 1;
        int c = a + b; //// No error!

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    According to “CSharp Language Specification” (Section Binary numeric promotions), both short operands of your code are converted to type int. The “+” operator is not defined separately for short. It works for int and the result is int. Therefore, the result should be converted to short (for example: short z = (short)(x + y)). Errors are possible if the result cannot be short.

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