A repository to save user activity details - Don't prefer RDBMS

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Wanted to check with the team, on the best application we could use on Azure (Covered under the Microsoft Sponsorship) to save unstructured data related to a user's activities.

We wish to display these activities on the UI

Azure SQL Database
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Cosmos DB
An Azure NoSQL database service for app development.
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    Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, multi-model database service that supports various data types, including unstructured data. It provides automatic indexing, low-latency reads and writes, and can scale horizontally to accommodate growing data volumes. If you want to start from scratch, you can use the default API, but Cosmos DB supports multiple APIs, such as SQL, MongoDB, Gremlin, Cassandra, and Table.

    In addition to Cosmos DB, you have other options for saving unstructured data related to a user's activities on Azure, depending on your specific requirements.

    Azure Blob Storage: Azure Blob Storage is a scalable and cost-effective storage solution for storing large amounts of unstructured data, such as files, images, videos, and logs. It provides high availability, durability, and security for your data. You can store and retrieve data through REST APIs, client libraries, or Azure Portal.

    Azure Data Lake Storage: Azure Data Lake Storage is a scalable and secure data lake solution that can handle large volumes of data. It is designed for big data analytics and supports both structured and unstructured data. Data Lake Storage allows you to store data of any size and format and provides features like fine-grained access control and integration with other Azure services.

    Azure Event Hubs: Azure Event Hubs is a fully managed event streaming platform that can handle high volumes of streaming data. It is suitable for scenarios where you must ingest and process real-time data from various sources. Event Hubs can capture and store unstructured data in real time, and you can integrate it with other Azure services or custom applications for further processing.

    Azure Storage Queues: Azure Storage Queues is a reliable message queuing service that can be used to store and process messages asynchronously. While primarily used for message passing between components, you can also leverage it to store unstructured data by encoding the data into message payloads. It provides features like visibility timeout, message expiration, and at-least-once delivery.

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