How to package and submit a .NET Mac App to Mac App Store

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I have been migrating my Xamarin native Mac project to .NET macOS Application Project, I resolved some of incompatible errors and compile an app with Debug Configuration, it can run and work well some of functions. So I try to build a release app and submit it to Mac App Store, but I get a failed response, The detail info is

"Asset validation failed (90282)

Invalid Provisioning Profile Signature. The provisioning profile included in the bundle [] cannot be used to submit apps to the Mac App Store until it has a valid signature from Apple. For more information, visit the macOS Developer Portal. (ID: 9a5715c1-2696-4705-82ac-cd5af79c115f)"

In Project Properties of my new .NET Project, I can't find "Mac Build" and "Mac Signing", So I add some code to the .csproj file,

<CodesigningKey>3rd Party Mac Developer Application: REED INTERNATIONAL BOOKS AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED (8Q4N4FU2LX)</CodesigningKey>
<PackageSigningKey>3rd Party Mac Developer Installer: REED INTERNATIONAL BOOKS AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED (8Q4N4FU2LX)</PackageSigningKey>



Above configurations can work in Xamarin Mac native project, So Do you give me some suggestions for this question.


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