Issue when updating the locations and location property of many recurrent event instances

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I use the Graph API for an Outlook add-in to create recurring appointments with different rooms (Outlook resource rooms). My approach is to first use createEvent to create a series of appointments that include all the rooms used in each individual instance. Then, I use listInstances to retrieve all the individual instances, and update them one by one in a BatchRequest with the respective selected rooms. During the createEvent process, I set the respective attendees, locations, and location properties. During the update, I update the selected attendees, locations, and location properties. However, for recurring appointments with approximately 8 or more occurrences, the updates are not working correctly. Some occurrences are not being updated and still retain all the rooms. The error doesn't occur when I only set the attendees during the update and not the location and locations. But then the instance displays all locations. I have also tried updating the attendees and locations using separate requests, but that didn't work either, even with delays in between.

Is my approach correct here or is there any idea why it's not working?

Thank you in advance.

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