Update Stateset of Unit in less than 30 seconds

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I'm doing a PUT on the API (https://us.atlas.microsoft.com/featurestatesets/{statesetId}/featureStates/{unit}?api-version=2.0&subscription-key={subscribkey}) to update the property of each Unit of my Azure Maps Indoor. However, I get the status 200, OK, but the map only updates after 30 seconds.

I've tried changing the Cache-control and using the "featureStateUpdateIntervalInSeconds" on the Map instance.

We've already tried to destroy the map and recreate it, but the Unit property isn't updated.

We were able to update the Unit's ownership by changing the zoom of the map via code, but this becomes unfeasible for production and over time stops working.

The following is the attached dossier with explanations:

1- I make the PUT request and it returns me 200, OK.


2- My Unit name B23 is not updated after the request.


3- My Unit name B23 is updated after the new request that occurs every 30 seconds.


I believe there is a variable that determines when this request marked in image 3 is called. Can I change this variable for my subscription plan?

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    The map doesn't instantly update. When dynamic styling is enabled all the feature state map tiles will have an expires header that is 30 seconds. When this header is set the browser will automatically re-request new feature state tiles when a tile expires. This is how dynamic updates are handled at scale in the Azure Maps indoor maps platform.

    If you need to be able to see update data on the map in near real-time, a different update architecture should be considered. Such as using Singal-R. For example: https://github.com/davetheunissen/Global-Azure-Bootcamp-2019-Workshop

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