IIS 10 On Server 2019 stopped responding to packets

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Server 2019 w/IIS 10 an ERP with a built-in website for our two companies. Our network gateway is a Checkpoint Quantum Spark 1575 & our LAN consists of the typical workstations & printers connected both via ethernet & WIFI. The website has two incoming URL Rewrite rules, one for a reverse proxy & one to redirect http connections to https connections. The bindings are port 80 & port 443, the https binding has a registered certificate.

The website / ERP has been functioning just fine under this configuration for the past several months and then one morning, users from the public internet cannot connect but all users from within the local LAN still function normally using www.domain_name.com notation. The public IP has not changed (no, not using dyndns), the ports are still forwarding to the server according to Wireshark & the appliance logs, ports 80 & 443 are open & being listened to according to netstat -an. I have spent the better part of two weeks attempting to correct the issue but have not succeeded.

One thing... The firewall appliance shows the connection coming in on port 80 from our public IP & being forwarded to the private IP of the IIS server but, it is being forwarded on a random TCP port. Is this normal or should the firewall appliance forward the port as port 80?

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    Thank you for your input. That is how I recall it operating in the beginning & has been that way for quite some time. I am working with the MFG of the appliance as this problem began after a firmware update. At any rate, appreciate the time you took to respond to my question.

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