Can I do a swap on a Blazor Server App service without disconnecting users?

Sean Wauchope 30 Reputation points

I run an App Service hosting a Blazor Server Application. The App service has a staging and production slot. When I do a swap from staging to production I would like users to remain connected and have 0 downtime. Is this possible? The application also connects to Azure SignalR Service. Currently it takes around 2-4 minutes to complete the swap during which time the application is offline.

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  2. Bruce ( 61,491 Reputation points

    No it’s not possible. All the state information is memory, and tied to the circuit (websocket connection). this is lost when you switch server process.

    you can have the server persist state, and add reconnection logic to client app via JavaScript. See modify the reconnection handler

  3. Michael Washington 911 Reputation points MVP

    I do Azure swaps all the time. It does not take 2 minutes. It usually takes 30 seconds on a busy site. All my users stay connected because an Azure swap is on the same process.

  4. Bruce ( 61,491 Reputation points

    You should code a re-connect solution if you don't want user downtime.

    You will get the same issue if the user switches to another tab for a period of time. The browser will close the websocket (signal/r) connection. This after a server timeout will close the circuit. When the user switches back to the tab, you will have the same lost circuit error.