How can I position a custom extension in the top menubar using Yeoman Generator for Office Add-ins?

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I have created an Office add-in project using the Yeoman Generator for Office Add-ins. My goal is to position a custom extension in the top menubar of Microsoft Word. However, I am facing challenges in achieving this using the Office JavaScript API.

While I have explored available extension points like the PrimaryCommandSurface, they seem to be limited to the Ribbon and do not offer the option to place an extension directly in the top menubar alongside the Home, Insert, Review tabs.

As a developer working with Yeoman Generator for Office Add-ins, I would appreciate any guidance, recommendations, or alternative approaches to achieve the desired positioning of a custom extension in the top menubar. I have reviewed the documentation for Yeoman Generator and the Office JavaScript API, but I could not find specific instructions for this scenario.

Thank you for your support and insights.

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