Why are tasks assigned through excel on sharepoint not flowing to Planner / To do

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When I assign somebody a task by adding a comment in a field on an excel document, that is saved on SharePoint, the task isn't appearing in Planner / To do - why is this?

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    When you add a comment with a task assignment in an Excel document saved on SharePoint, it doesn't automatically create a task in Planner or Microsoft To Do.

    To create tasks in Planner or Microsoft To Do from Excel, you'll need to use additional features or integrations. Here are a few options:

    1. Microsoft To Do integration: If you prefer to create tasks in Microsoft To Do, you can explore the integration options available. Microsoft To Do has integration capabilities with various applications and platforms, such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and more. You may consider using the relevant integration feature or exploring third-party apps that provide Excel-To-Do integrations to automate the creation of tasks in Microsoft To Do.
    2. Custom VBA solution: If you have experience with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), you can create a custom solution within Excel using VBA code to create tasks in Planner or Microsoft To Do. This would involve writing VBA code to interact with the Planner or To Do API to create tasks based on the comment field in Excel. However, this approach requires programming knowledge and understanding of the APIs.

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