Is there a file open dialog class (such as IFileDialog, OpenFileDialog Class, etc.) that has already been written, which supports displaying the IShellView implemented by myself at the file list?

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The existing implementation method is to use explorer. I registered the IShellFolder extension, and displayed IShellVIew as a child window in IShellFolder. (Here IShellView displays not the real item under the path, but the virtual item after I decrypt it. For example, there is a file A under a certain path, and files B and C are recorded in A. After opening, it displays B, C)

But for some reason, I need to replace it with trying to use the file open dialog. But I searched around, and there is no such calling method. And after my attempts, even if it is bound, the file list of the file open dialog will not call the IShellFolder extension, nor will it display the IShellView implemented by myself.

So I would like to ask, whether the existing file open dialog can be realized? (c++/c#)

If so, roughly how to achieve it?

Thank you so much. Very very much.

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