How to convert sql to EF linq query

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I am converting a sql query with 2 table Joins to an entity Framework linq query in a .net6 application.

The sql query as I mentions joning 2 tables on the below condition,

substr(a.anystring,0,length(a.anystring) -(length(a.anystring)-instr(a.anystring,'_')+1))

I changed it into EF linq code as below, but I am getting an error saying unable to translate IndexOf to sql.

anystring.Substring(0, anystring.Length - (anystring.IndexOf('_') + 1))

Error : "Additional information: Translation of method 'string.IndexOf' failed"

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  1. Bruce ( 61,186 Reputation points

    its hard to tell because your sample sql statement is not valid sql.

    anyway you use the sqlfunctions class to map c# functions to sql functions if EF 6

    if EF core then you use the DbFunctions;

    in EF core some clr functions are mapped by the sqlserver provider:

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