Speech Studio Bug- Text To Speech: Undo and redo broken

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The undo and redo buttons in Azure Speech Studio (Text to speech) are broken. Here's the repro steps

  1. Create two text files, Test1 and Test2, type some content so you can tell them apart and save them.
  2. Close your browser in case you have any undo or redo cached.
  3. Reopen speech studio and open Test1
  4. Edit Test1 until the Undo button is no longer disabled (as a sidenote, typing text does not enable the undo button which seems odd, but you can change the voice to enable the undo button)
  5. Navigate to Test2. It doesn't seem to matter if you save Test1 or not.
  6. Note the undo button is not disabled. Click it, and it's contents are removed and replaced by the contents of the Test1 file.

Sometimes this bug causes us to lose an hour or two of work. There seems to be varying degrees of corruption on the undo/redo stack and sometimes we can't get our work back and lose everything.

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