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Graph API end-point where the problem has been detected:

Problem description:
When querying the API for the Attendance Reports of an Online Teams Meeting, there are no Attendance Reports from Breakout Rooms in the Response.
This happens when the Meeting Organizer is closing the Meeting with the "End Meeting" option and not with the "Leave Meeting" option (in which case, we expect all Participants to be forced out of the Meeting).

Additional details:
In case one or more Participants had previously been in Breakout Rooms, their participation in such Breakout Rooms is not listed in the Attendance Reports. That is, there are no corresponding separate Attendance Reports listed, for such Breakout Rooms.
Contrary to that, when we download an Attendance Report from within MS Teams, by using the Organizer's MS Account, then the Users' Attendance Data from the Breakout Rooms are included.
We have noticed (if not mistaken) that such data from Breakout Rooms are included in Reports of the last 2-3 weeks or so (so, we guess that this is a new addition).
We would like to ask if anyone knows if this is a new functionality and these data are not yet included in the API; and, if not, if this is expected to be supported in the API any time soon.

Also, could there be a chance that, if the Organizer Ends the Meeting and some Participants are still inside Breakout Rooms, that such Participants are not forced to leave the Meeting (contrary to the Participants in the main Room)? This could also explain the problem.


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