Error: The value for one of the HTTP headers is not in the correct format

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I am uploading files from Expressjs into a file storage, when I try to access uploaded file I get an error "The value for one of the HTTP headers is not in the correct format.", How can I resolve this issue?

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    "The value for one of the HTTP headers is not in the correct format," suggests that one or more of the HTTP headers your Express.js app is sending to the file storage service are not formatted correctly.

    Before troubleshooting it is better to debug the problem

    In Express.js, you can use middleware like morgan to log HTTP requests and a custom middleware function to log responses.

    There can be several methods for troubleshooting

    Check to ensure that the Date or x-ms-date header is correctly formatted. The format should be in RFC 1123 format: Day, dd MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss GMT.

    When setting metadata for a storage resource, each metadata name-value pair must adhere to certain naming restrictions. The metadata header name must start with prefix x-ms-meta-. The header value should not contain control characters.

    Check if the Content-Length header accurately reflects the size of the payload being sent. If the size is incorrect, it can cause errors.

    Check if the Content-Type and Content-Encoding headers are correct for the data you are sending. For example, if you're sending JSON data, your Content-Type should be application/json.

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