Azure query for monitoring storage account not working

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Hi All,

I'm posting here because I'm stuck with a azure query I want to run. Its a storage account that I want to monitor. The storage is scalable, it will expand if the capacity is lower than 10% ( this is done via another tool) Now I want to create an azure alert if the storage is 5% or lower. (because the tool failed 1 time to expand the storage)

I'm trying to use the below query but its not working. The AzureStorageCapacity and AzureStorageUsage are not familiar. I'm running the query on Log Analytics. I checked if I can add a table, but don't know which one.

Does anyone knows this ? Can someone help me?

Regaards, Dave

| where ResourceId contains "/providers/Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/"
| where ResourceId contains "<StorageAccountName>"
| summarize TotalAllocatedSize = sum(TotalCapacity) by StorageType
| join (
    | where ResourceId contains "/providers/Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/"
    | where ResourceId contains "<StorageAccountName>"
    | summarize CurrentUsage = sum(CurrentValue) by StorageType
) on StorageType
| project StorageType, TotalAllocatedSize, CurrentUsage
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  1. Sedat SALMAN 5,170 Reputation points

    Use the Azure Monitor service with a Kusto Query Language (KQL) to query the "UsedCapacity" metric of your storage account

    |   where ResourceProvider  == "MICROSOFT.STORAGE"
    |   where MetricName        == "UsedCapacity"
    |   where SubscriptionId    == "<YourSubscriptionId>"
    |   summarize arg_max(TimeGenerated, ResourceGroup, Resource, Average) by _ResourceId

    You can create an alert rule based on the results of the above query.

    • Azure Monitor > Log Analytics Workspace > Queries > Alerts
    • Run your query and once you have verified your query, click on "New alert rule"
    • On the Condition tab, the Log query will be filled in.
    • Configure the Operator and Threshold value in the alert logic section.
    • Set up Action groups that define a set of actions to take when an alert is fired
    • In the Alert rule details section set the details
    • Create alert rule