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i'd like to know if you have/had these problems over WebApp and how to deal and troubleshooting:




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Azure App Service
Azure App Service is a service used to create and deploy scalable, mission-critical web apps.
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    @Fabricio Florio Martini Thanks for reaching here!

    One easy way is to use Azure Diagnose and Solve which simplifies the troubleshooting process for common issues in your Azure web app by offering guided steps and recommendations.

    It's a useful tool to help you quickly identify and resolve problems, ultimately improving the performance and reliability of your web app.

    Follow these steps to use Azure Diagnose and Solve for your web app:

    1. Go to the Azure Portal: Navigate to the Azure Portal (https://portal.azure.com) and sign in with your Azure account.
    2. Locate your Web App: Locate the specific web app for which you want to use Azure Diagnose and Solve. You can search for the web app using the search bar at the top of the Azure Portal.
    3. Open Diagnose and Solve Problems: Once you have selected your web app, navigate to the "Diagnose and Solve Problems" section.
    4. Look for and click on Web App Slow tool; Http server errors, Http 4XX errors.
    5. The specific details and resolution would be suggested.



    Further to elaborate on to troubleshoot high response time, 4xx errors, and too many HTTP server errors in an Azure web app:

    1. Monitor performance metrics, including response time, CPU usage, and memory usage, to identify any anomalies or bottlenecks.
    2. Review application code for inefficiencies, optimize queries, and ensure proper error handling to reduce 4xx errors.
    3. Validate authentication, authorization, and external service dependencies to ensure proper configuration and communication.
    4. Scale up or out the web app's resources, consider using a CDN, and optimize network connectivity to improve response time and reduce server errors.
    5. Utilize Azure Diagnose and Solve for guided troubleshooting and leverage load testing to simulate high traffic scenarios for identifying and addressing performance issues.

    Suggest you refer to below links it would be helpful.



    Please let us know if further query or issue remains.

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