How do you get all authentication methods for all users with the Graph SDK in one command?

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To get all users we can use Get-MgUser -All, but it doesn't have the authentication methods (and SMS number that we're looking for) like the soon to be deprecated Get-MsolUser does.

So if we try to use Get-MGUserAuthenticationMethod the -All switch doesn't work. If you look at the function itself, it has 2 parameter sets and both are to get 1 object returned.

Looping this in a for each loop "works" but we have tens of thousands of users so this is both time consuming and we run into throttling issues.

So the questions are:

  1. Is there a property for Get-MgUser that returns this info? I tried Authentication but it's blank.
  2. Is this something that's going to be updated soon in Get-MgUserAuthenticationMethod?

Hopefully there's a way to do this, but if it not...It's frustrating to tell us you're deprecating one technology when the "new and improved" one isn't finished or can't do the same thing.

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  1. Vasil Michev 99,936 Reputation points MVP

    You cannot do this via a one-liner, at least not a good one, as the authentication methods data comes from a different API. Said endpoints expose more than just the MFA methods, so it's not 1:1 comparison with the good old MSOnline cmdlets.

    If you want to get the MFA details in a single call, use the credential registration report under /reports/credentialUserRegistrationDetails: