How to fix my VSTO in Excel works very slowly in Windows 11, in Windows 10 work correct

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I developed some application in C# in VSTO for Excel. Our company have mostly Windows 10 and Office 365. In Windows 10 everything works fine, but under Windows 11 it works very slow

My application has database connection. What can be a problem? It is in one function with refreshing table in one sheet in W10 time is 2 sec, in W11 it takes 70 sek



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  1. Limitless Technology 44,096 Reputation points


    Thank you for your question and reaching out.

    Microsoft had made significant changes in Windows 11.

    There can be some compatibility issues with Application which need to check with Developer using Visual studio in Windows 11.

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  2. Muhammad Shahroz 0 Reputation points

    If your application is experiencing significant performance differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11, there could be several factors contributing to this issue. Here are some possible areas to investigate:

    Compatibility: Ensure that your application and all its dependencies, including the database connection library, are fully compatible with Windows 11. Check for any known compatibility issues or updates specific to Windows 11 and Office 365.

    Operating System Performance: Windows 11 introduces a new user interface and various system-level changes. It's possible that these changes, combined with the specific hardware configuration of the Windows 11 machines, could affect the overall performance of your application. Verify if other applications or system functions are also experiencing performance issues on the Windows 11 machines.

    Hardware Differences: Compare the hardware specifications between the Windows 10 and Windows 11 machines. If the Windows 11 machines have lower specifications or less capable hardware, it can contribute to slower performance. Check the CPU, RAM, and disk speed of both systems to identify any significant differences.

    Resource Usage: Monitor the resource usage of your application during execution, such as CPU and memory utilization. Check if there are any unexpected spikes or higher resource usage on the Windows 11 machines compared to the Windows 10 machines. This can help identify potential bottlenecks.

    Excel Version: Ensure that the Office 365 version installed on the Windows 11 machines is up to date. Office updates may include performance improvements and bug fixes that could affect your application's performance.

    Profiling and Debugging: Profile and debug your application on the Windows 11 machines to identify any specific areas that are causing the slowdown. Use performance profiling tools to measure execution times and identify performance bottlenecks within your code, such as database queries or other resource-intensive operations.

    Testing: If possible, test your application on different Windows 11 machines with various hardware configurations to determine if the issue is specific to certain machines or if it's a more widespread problem.

    Consult Microsoft Support: If you have access to Microsoft Support, consider reaching out to them for assistance. They can provide guidance specific to your application, environment, and any known issues related to Windows 11 compatibility.

    By investigating these areas, you should be able to gather more information about the specific cause of the performance issue on Windows 11 and work towards resolving it

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    Thanks for the answers,

    In the meantime, I did various tests and it turns out, (I will back and confirm that) the latest version of Office 365 could be a problem, not Windows 11. Freshly after installing the operating system and then the older installation Office 365, I tested the solution and it worked super fast. After the Office upgraded the solution was very silted again.

    I'll be back as soon as I know more, but maby someone has an idea?

    I will also try to create a solution and install under W11 as Limitless Technology wrote

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