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Hi Support,


My plan is to delete our company tenant ID: 1f079d8b-945f-436d-914c-83d6cdc6614c.

That's why I need to move forward with App registration and Microsoft Azure subscriptions (see in the picture).

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  1. App registration: Can you please delete the Tenant Schema Extension App (ID: b65df97a-db7b-401e-a6d6-7222db5eaf1f) in our tenant (tenant ID: 1f079d8b-945f-436d-914c-83d6cdc6614c)?
  2. Microsoft Azure subscriptions: Can you also cancel these subscriptions below:
  • Access to Azure Active Directory - 884d6775-8fa5-432d-b921-c9053ee5e08b
  • Access to Azure Active Directory - cc484a27-3041-4284-8471-cf8ee312aaea
  • Access to Azure Active Directory - ef29138a-8f88-4303-9db9-0d020ed506b4
  • Pay-As-You-Go - b8cb2524-f014-4290-844c-f31f7ba51f38
  • Pay-As-You-Go - d1fc4e8a-7c95-4614-8fb7-11f149fbd3ea
  • Pay-As-You-Go - 0939f555-96f0-420e-bc9d-7031c2a85195

Thank you and best regards

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