How maximum number of permissions is calculated in SharePoint Online?

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Hi Community!

I am currently building an integration between Dynamics 365 and SPO for managing documents.

As I would like to handle custom permissions on folders, I come with few questions after reading Microsoft documentation:

Then, considering this, I am wondering how the 5'000 recommendation is calculated?

Let's take an example based on this folder structure:

  • Account1 (folder inherits permission from library)
    • Opportunity1 (folder with unique permissions)
      • Document1 (inherits permissions from Opportunity1)
      • Document2 (inherits permissions from Opportunity1)
    • Opportunity2 (folder with unique permissions)
      • Document3 (inherits permissions from Opportunity2)
      • Document4 (inherits permissions from Opportunity2)

Do we consider that only 2 items are in the 5'000 recommendation (meaning that I can define 4'998 more items with custom permissions)? Or, because documents are inside folders with unique permission they are taken into account for this recommendation (meaning that I can define 4'994 more items with custom permissions)?

Hope that it's clear and thanks a lot for your help!

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