How to retrieve the image name of a private product

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We published an image on the marketplace in preview mode and now we want to use the azure client to create a VM with 2 NICs. We need at least two NICs because our image is a security network appliance (embeds a firewall). Additional question: is it possible to create a VM with 2 x NICs using the Azure GUI portal? We are beginners in Azure...

The issue that we are facing is how to specify the image name using the --image option with the command "az". Our offer contains the "CacheGuard" name, so we tried to find the image ID/name using the following command:

az vm image list --offer CacheGuard --all --output table

The result is empty (we guess it's because the image is not yet publicly available).

The command we want to use to create the VM is as follows:

az vm create --resource-group myResourceGroup --name myCG --size Standard_A2_v2 --nics myExternalNIC,myInternalNIC --image myImageName

Where myImageName should be replaced by our private image name (in preview mode). myExternalNIC and myInternalNIC have been previousely created without any errors.

How image names are formed? Where can we find them?


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