How to set a Windows PC to only obtain an IP address from a specific DHCP server, and ignore other online DHCP servers

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I have a lot of Windows PC terminals, and item of them is added often by other people. My network have one Dhcp Server (suppose its ip address is I want the group of PC terminals can be set to join only in my network by obtain IP address from Server, and when it is taked to other place and be pluged in other network, it cannot obtain IP address from other Dhcp Server(not in my control scope, suppose 192.168.x.x). My point is the PC terminals will ignore other DHCP servers when them use DHCP to got IP address automatically.

Here is my question precisely defined.

1. Premise:

1.1 PC terminal must uses a DHCP service to obtain IP address automatically.

1.2 The configuration only on PC terminal side, not on DHCP server side.


2.1 Config the PC terminal can only from the "designated" DHCP server to obtain IP address automatically.

2.2 Suppose LAN have multiple DHCP servers, even if the specified DHCP server is not online, other online server is not specified, the PC cannot get IP address from other DHCP server.

2.3 This configuration cannot be in the DHCP server operations, such as on the server side default which PC is belong to the server management. This setting only operate in the PC terminal side.

Windows DHCP
Windows DHCP
Windows: A family of Microsoft operating systems that run across personal computers, tablets, laptops, phones, internet of things devices, self-contained mixed reality headsets, large collaboration screens, and other devices.DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). A communications protocol that lets network administrators manage centrally and automate the assignment of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses in an organization's network.
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    Hi Walk

    To ensure that PC terminals only obtain IP addresses from the designated DHCP server and ignore other DHCP servers, you can configure the PC terminals to use DHCP Classless Static Routes (option 249) in their network settings. This configuration can be done on the PC terminal side without making changes on the DHCP server. Here's how you can achieve this:
    1. Determine the IP address of the designated DHCP server. In your case, the IP address is
    2. Configure DHCP Classless Static Routes on the PC terminals:
       - Go to the network adapter settings on each PC terminal.
       - Locate the TCP/IP settings and open the properties.
       - Look for the "Advanced" or "Additional Settings" section.
       - Find the DHCP Classless Static Routes (option 249) setting.
       - Add a route with a destination of and a subnet mask of, pointing to the IP address of the designated DHCP server (
    3. Save the network settings and restart the PC terminals for the changes to take effect.
    By configuring DHCP Classless Static Routes, the PC terminals will have a specific route defined that directs all traffic (including DHCP requests) to the designated DHCP server ( regardless of the presence of other DHCP servers on the network. If the designated DHCP server is not available, the PC terminals will not receive an IP address from any other DHCP server.
    Please note that the exact steps to configure DHCP Classless Static Routes may vary slightly depending on the operating system version running on the PC terminals. Make sure to adjust the instructions accordingly based on the OS in use.
    Additionally, it's important to consider the network infrastructure and security implications when implementing this configuration. Ensure that unauthorized DHCP servers are not connected to the network to prevent potential DHCP conflicts and unauthorized IP address assignments.
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