Can not get duration property in Xamarin.IOS in C#

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I'm trying to get duration of an url audio.

NSUrl nsurl = NSUrl.FromFilename(url);
AVUrlAssetOptions option = new AVUrlAssetOptions();
option.PreferPreciseDurationAndTiming = true;
avassetTem = new AVUrlAsset(url, option);
string duration = avassetTem.Duration.Seconds.ToString();

Var url is a '.wav' file saved on server. I want to load duration of it. But with these code i can only get '0'.

Trying so many ways, i can get duration only when i play the audio with AVPlayer instance and then get duration from CurrentItem.Duration after audio played over.

AudioSession.Category = AudioSessionCategory.MediaPlayback;
player = new AVPlayer(NSUrl.FromFilename(path));
player.ActionAtItemEnd = AVPlayerActionAtItemEnd.Pause;
await Task.Delay(1000);
var duration = player.CurrentItem.Duration.Seconds;

I'm using ios simulator.

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  1. Engineer Zhang 0 Reputation points

    I have solved the problem.

    The media file i tested is not an real .wav file even with an extension of wav. When playing the file, player may turn the file to correct wav file, then i can get the info of file.

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