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We attempted to move a resource group between subscriptions, followed the documentation, passed the validation but during the move, it failed with an unknown error.

The problem I have is that the VMs are in one subscription and the network is in the source subscription.

If i try to do anything, i get a message saying "X was involved in a move operation which is either currently ongoing or failed. NRP does not allow operations on such resources. If a move operation is ongoing, wait for it to complete. Else please contact support to get the resource unblocked".

I have a ticket open with Microsoft for over 36 hours but this has not been fixed and it is critical as i have production servers that are down. Has anyone else experienced this problem or have a way of expediting the case within Microsoft? One of the biggest issues, is the ticket is logged with someone in PST and we are in GMT, there doesn't seem to be a way of moving to ticket to an engineer in my time zone. Please help. Thanks.

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    Hei @MrChris ,

    Microsoft support emails will have their manager's emails in their signature, you can loop them and ask for an escalation or transfer to a different timezone.

    As @Anonymous suggested above, you can also get in touch with your regional manager or relationship manager to get it escalated.

    About your issue,

    Start with permissions, make sure that you have contributor or above permissions on the source and target resource groups.

    Next, check the status of the resource X that is stopping you from migration. I am assuming it is a network card as you are moving a VM, it can be disconnected from the VM and then reattached when the VM has migrated.

    The idea is to decouple the resources such that there is less dependency on other resources, starting with creating a new network interface and attaching it to the VM, this can be from any stable network and even from a temporary network that can later be deleted. This will allow us to remove the existing network interface from VM (not delete just detach) and just like that both resources are free to move.

    Now that the resources have moved, it is possible to reattach the network interface and remove the temporary interface (and delete it too ad it was temporary)

    More information, here

    On another note, having networks in a different subscription may not be the best architecture for operations. Subscriptions are constructs to isolate cost and a network is a shared resource, so you may want to look into landing zones

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