az webapp config storage-account Mounted as read only?

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I've mounted a share to my python function app using the az webapp config storage-account command. When i try to write fiiles, i get this error

Result: Failure Exception: OSError: [Errno 30] Read-only file system: 'model/weights.pickle' Stack: File "/azure-functions-host/workers/python/3.10/LINUX/X64/azure_functions_worker/",

in my code, i'm using the following code to write files.

 with open(model_similarity_path+'weights.pickle', 'wb') as handle:
            pickle.dump(model_similarity, handle, protocol=pickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL)

is there something that i need to do in order to mount the share as read/write? I'm able to read files just fine using this approach.

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  1. Sumarigo-MSFT 45,321 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Laron Walker For understanding the issue better: Can you please elaborate bit more on your query with the screenshot of the error message?

    When using the az webapp config storage-account command to mount a share to your Python function app, the default behavior is to mount the share as read-only. This is why you encounter the "Read-only file system" error when trying to write files to the mounted share.

    To enable write access to the mounted share, you need to explicitly specify the --mount-path option with the --access-key and --access-key-type options when executing the az webapp config storage-account command.

    Here's an example of how you can modify your command to allow write access:

    az webapp config storage-account add --name <app_name> --resource-group <resource_group> --custom-id <custom_id> --storage-type AzureFiles --share-name <share_name> --access-key <access_key> --access-key-type StorageAccessKey --mount-path /mnt/<mount_name> --read-write

    In your Python code, make sure that you are writing to the correct path within the mounted share. Based on your provided code snippet, it seems like the model_similarity_path variable should be set to the mount path. For example:

    model_similarity_path = '/mnt/<mount_name>/'

    Ensure that the <mount_name> matches the mount path specified in the --mount-path option when mounting the share.

    With these modifications, you should be able to write files to the mounted share without encountering the read-only file system error.