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Dear Microsoft:

In 2005 I was employed at a start-up company who have long sense closed their doors. The company had a web site that received orders from potential customers and placed the orders into a SQL Server database. Before the web site went live I was tasked with the chore of populating the base tables with the proper information. Anyone who has ever populated a raw database understands the complexity involved.

Our sales forces along with our receptionist were placing the orders into a Microsoft Access database I developed. Microsoft Access was a wonderful solution due to its ability to create not only data entry forms, but also printed reports and receipts. This was just prior to the release of the company’s order web site.

Using Microsoft Access as an inspiration I developed a tool so I could dynamically create the necessary forms to populate the database. This tool allows the user the ability to create a form for a table. Look for necessary relationships to the table under construction to insure that database referential integrity is maintained.

I have created a basic infrastructure for both Microsoft Access and SQL Server databases. I would like this tool to be further developed for other databases.

Is this possible?

Thank you,

Mark R. McCumber

Access Development
Access Development
Access: A family of Microsoft relational database management systems designed for ease of use.Development: The process of researching, productizing, and refining new or existing technologies.
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