Modded title - Getting Rid of Spam. is there an advanced guide?

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i am so tired of these spam emails and i have used rules to create and organize spam in my junk folder with some success.

but, the spam senders use unique (changing/variable) email addresses which cannot be blocked except from the email address it was sent from which usually happens only one time

Plus, email cannot be nailed down to a specific term in the body (using images instead of text) and or header or subject line. rules are limited in scope and do not have an 'or' setting only 'and' . unless i'm wrong.

i want to filter these emails out of course but also then use advanced conditions to label them as junk and delete them. for example , is there an 'or' condition? plus, when you use words to search for in subject or body do you separate them with commas or spaces or is it just one word per condition? again, no guide to advanced rules. I'd like to search for things like 'renew' in the subj OR 'subscribe' in the subject, body, header or all three places, but it looks like every condition you add is an 'AND' which would prevent the condition I used in the above example ,because the words may not be present in both places! lastly, what is that field called where they announce the email. it's not the subject but the other text field. thanks.

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  1. Andy David - MVP 144.7K Reputation points MVP

    There would be no benefit to that really.

    The sender emails are spoofed. The returned messages would go to the wrong domain and senders

  2. Faery Fu-MSFT 18,431 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    If you send an automatic reply when the sender is a spammer, here's what might happen:

    1. Spammers do not use their own domains to send spam, so you´re basically forwarding mail back to victims.
    2. Or you will confirm that your address is valid and end up with more spam.
    3. If you use hosted mail, you will find that your domain is blacklisted.

    It is recommended you use Outlook build-in feature:

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  3. Olaf Helper 42,921 Reputation points

    want to send the same email right back to them

    That's more then a silly idea, with any kind of reply on the SPAM emails, you confirm yourself, that your email address is valid and reachable.