Please delete my subscription

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I need help cancelling my subscription. I have tried to disable it, but I'm still getting billed. Also, I've been trying to delete some resources, but I haven't been successful. The instructions I received were to transfer them to a different region, but that's not possible for me when i try to move from east west i get another error. - Subscription disabled

Can someone please assist me in deleting these resources?

  Possible Causes: The move collection has move resources present in it.
      Recommended Action: In Portal open 'Azure Resource Mover' > Across regions > Select SubscriptionId: hidden, Source Region: eastus, Target Region: westus > delete all the resources, and then retry deleting the Resource group.


Azure Resource Mover
Azure Resource Mover
An Azure service used for moving multiple resources between Azure regions.
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    I have been struggling to remove resources and encountered an error message prompting me to enable my subscription. Despite attempting to do so, I was unsuccessful and was advised to contact support. However, when I tried to create a support ticket, I received generic responses that were unhelpful.

    I am requesting assistance in creating a support ticket or having a call with a representative so that I can delete these resources and avoid getting billed. I am confused about why I am still being charged when my subscription has already been disabled. I was assured by previous customer support that I would not be billed, yet I received a bill the following month after disabling my subscription.

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    I am not able to create a ticket. I would like someone to help resolve this on the call

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