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I have been using WDAC policies in various scenarios but ran across an interesting problem.

If I create an "Allow" driver policy that only allows Windows signed drivers, in audit mode, when I attempt to manually start my test driver, or if I set it to a BOOT start driver, I see the event surfacing the attempt to load the driver. This is as expected.

Now if I create a "Deny" policy based on the "RecommendedDriverBlock_Enforce.xml. example policy and trim it down to only have the allow * rule and a specific rule to deny my test driver by name, I see something odd. It is also changed to audit. If the driver is set to BOOT start, then I see the event which indicates the attempt to load the driver and it would have been blocked.

But if I set the driver to manual start, and then start the driver after a reboot using sc.exe, it starts, as expected, but there is no event indicating that there was an attempt to load the driver.

I would first think it is my policy but it works for boot, just not manual start.

Can anyone shed light on what could be happening?



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