Free tier, can't create a form recognizer resource

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I deleted all groups and resources, because I wanted a fresh setup. Now when I try to create a Form Recognizer I get this error:

{"code":"InvalidTemplateDeployment","details":[{"code":"CanNotCreateMultipleFreeAccounts","message":"Operation failed. Only one free account is allowed for account type 'FormRecognizer'."}],"message":"The template deployment 'Microsoft.CognitiveServicesFormRecognizer-20230531163434' is not valid according to the validation procedure. The tracking id is '806daad7-d0de-4d53-ae9a-9e9gf45fd0eb4'. See inner errors for details."}

When I look at the Form Recognizer I have, then I don't see one, I don't even have a storage.

Edit: I found old instances from the Form Recognizer via old bookmark... How I can find the try area from the Dashboard?

Azure AI Document Intelligence
Azure AI Document Intelligence
An Azure service that turns documents into usable data. Previously known as Azure Form Recognizer.
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  1. Ben Musk 50 Reputation points

    I created Form Recognizer with the standard tier and changed it to free, that fixed the problem.

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  2. mingjie fu 10 Reputation points

    the problem still not be solved until 2023/06/24

    when i deleted the whole resource group ,it seems the services included in the resouce group is still in somewhere,which just be hidden and still occupy my free quota

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  3. Luke Murray 10,896 Reputation points MVP

    When you delete your Form Recognizer, it is in soft-delete - make sure you to to Form Recognizer, and MAnaged Deleted resources and Purge your Form Recognizer service.

    Give it a few minutes and you should be able to re-create your service.

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  4. VasimTamboli 4,785 Reputation points

    To resolve this issue and access the Form Recognizer try area, you can follow these steps:

    Go to the Azure Portal ( and sign in with your account credentials.

    In the Azure Portal, click on the "Resource groups" option in the left-hand menu.

    Search for the resource group that contains your previous Form Recognizer instances. Once you find it, click on it to view the resources within the group.

    Look for the Form Recognizer resources within the resource group. You should be able to see your previously created Form Recognizer instances there.

    Once you find the Form Recognizer instance you want to access, you can click on it to view its details and access the try area.