Users repeatedly prompted for MFA

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We have several conditional access policies that require authentication strength:

  • PriviledgeAccounts with sign-in frequency is set to 4 hours.
  • UntrustedLocation with sign-in frequency is set to 4 hours.
  • BannedLocation - Block Access
  • UnknownDevice with sign-in frequency is set to 4 hours.
  • SigninRisk

These CA policies are working perfectly, with one side effect: I need assistance why some are asked 7-9 times a day (same device) to perform the MFA process each time having to connect to every Microsoft application (teams, outlook, SharePoint, power apps, ...) is simply unmanageable for users and a source of confusion.

Additional note here:

  1. The users getting asked the MFA are in a trusted IP that was added in Named Locations.
  2. Remember multi-factor authentication on trusted device is not selected in service settings.
  3. Skip multi-factor authentication for requests from federated users on my intranet is not selected in service settings.

Some of the events/details in sign-in logs:

  1. MFA requirement satisfied by claim in the token.
  2. This is not an error - this is an interrupt that triggers device authentication when required due to a Conditional Access policy or because the application or resource requested the device ID in a token. This code alone does not indicate a failure on your users part to sign in. The sign in logs may indicate that the device authentication challenge was passed successfully or failed.

Thanks for your help!

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