Windows 11 kiosk mode default scale is 150% and there is no obvious way to change it to 100%?

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Hello wonderful MS community,

In windows 11, I’m using the kiosk wizard to create a new user that runs MS edge. This kiosk is to display a sign. My problem is the windows user that is created is defaulted to 150% scale. I can’t get to the user settings to change the scale to 100%. Also if I create a manual user set the scale to 100% and then apply the kiosk manually to that user as soon as the monitor is changed on the computer windows, default back to 150% scale. I am unsure how to proceed I understand you can set MS edge scale with a flag, but I’m unsure how to do that with kiosk mode. I believe maybe there might be a policy to set all users scale to 100% but I’m unsure of how to do that. Any assistance is of great interest. Thanks in advance.


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    To control the display scale for the a Windows 11 Kiosk user, you must configure registry keys. It can also be done with group policy, but that is beyond this scope. This requires you to have already created the Kiosk user. This is confirmed to work in Windows 11 (23H2). It cannot be done using the Windows 11 settings->display menu at this time. The steps are:
      1. Open the Windows Registry Editor as an administrator ```regedit.exe```
        This can be done with by loggining in with any account that has administrator access.
        [Further Documentation](
      2. Identify the Kiosk User ID for that machine
        This will identify the value for {Kiosk Account ID}. The registry 
        `Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList` contains a list of users on the machine. Each folder is a user account. Within each folder is a registry entry for "ProfileImagePath". That path contains the account name. Look for one that says something like "C:\Users\Kiosk" or whatever name you gave the kiosk account. The folder name above this key is the {Kiosk Account ID} that you will use in steps 3 & 4.   [Further Documentation](
      3. Enable the custom display scale by creating or modifying this registry entry
        - Name: {Kiosk Account ID}\Control Panel\Desktop\Win8DpiScaling
        - Type: REG_DWORD
        - Data: 0x00000001 (1)
        - Value Data: 1
        - Base: Hexadecimal
          [Further Documentation](
      4. Set the custom display scale by creating or modifying this registry entry
        - Name: {Kiosk Account ID}\Control Panel\Desktop\LogPixels
        - Type: REG_DWORD
        - Data: 0x00000060 (96) 
        - Value Data: 60
        - Base: Hexadecimal
        [Further documentation including other values](
      5. Restart the machine and allow it to go into Kiosk mode. You should now see the correct display scale.
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