rotate image on iphone in Xamarin can't tell if the camera is portrait or landscape

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when I call this after calling, it will turn the bitmap 90 degrees in portrait, but will also in landscape, where I dont want it to be turned 90 degrees.

This is to work about a bug in

 var photo = await MediaPicker.CapturePhotoAsync();

 Stream stream = await photo.OpenReadAsync();


                SKBitmap photoBitmap = RotateBitmap(SKBitmap.Decode(stream));

 SKBitmap RotateBitmap(SKBitmap bitmap)
            var mainDisplayInfo = DeviceDisplay.MainDisplayInfo;
            var orientation = mainDisplayInfo.Orientation;

            var currentOrientation = UIApplication.SharedApplication.StatusBarOrientation;

                SKSizeI sk = new SKSizeI(400, 400);
            SKBitmap rotatedBitmap = new SKBitmap(bitmap.Height, bitmap.Width);

                 using (var surface = new SKCanvas(rotatedBitmap))
                 surface.Translate(rotatedBitmap.Width, 0);
            if (currentOrientation == UIInterfaceOrientation.Portrait)
                surface.DrawBitmap(bitmap, 0, 0);
                // Orientation got changed! Do your changes here
           /// var dstInfo = new SKImageInfo(200, 300);
         //   rotatedBitmap.Resize(dstInfo, SKFilterQuality.High);
            return rotatedBitmap;
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