How to remove printers from windows 11 which were installed via printers.csv intune app

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Here's a doubt.

Previously we installed printers via intune using printers.csv and distributing print provisioning, Basically we follow a tutorial:

Now we want to install the printers using policies (configuration profiles). We are trying to uninstall the printers via intune the uninstall option in the app that distribute them, but the printers remain in windows clients.

To remove them, i remove them manually in my computer.

i have the configuration profile done and in production along with the first solution, but i need to "clean" clients computers and then install the correct printer.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.

Duarte Santos

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    Hi there 
    please check this 
    Created on:   31/12/2021
    Created by:   Ben Whitmore
    Filename:     Remove-Printer.ps1
    powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -file .\Remove-Printer.ps1 -PrinterName "Canon Printer Upstairs"
    .\Remove-Printer.ps1 -PrinterName "Canon Printer Upstairs"
    Param (
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $True)]
    Try {
        #Remove Printer
        $PrinterExist = Get-Printer -Name $PrinterName -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
        if ($PrinterExist) {
            Remove-Printer -Name $PrinterName -Confirm:$false
    Catch {
        Write-Warning "Error removing Printer"
        Write-Warning "$($_.Exception.Message)"
    And see if it helps,
    Thank you 
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