How to configure in the HMI the new functionality "MQTT broker" in Azure Event Grid?

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Hello, I want to use Azure Event Grid as Broker. the MQTT client is an HMI which I can configure as follows:1.png, 2.png, 3.png, 4.png

I have tried to configure the hmi and the Event Grid without being able to establish MQTT communication. any suggestion about it? thank you

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Azure Event Grid
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    Create an Azure Event Grid topic:

    • In the Azure portal, navigate to the Event Grid service.
    • Click on "Topics" and then "+ Event Grid Topic" to create a new topic.
    • Provide a name, select the appropriate subscription and resource group, and choose the region.
    • Click on "Create" to create the topic.

    Configure Event Grid for MQTT support:

    • Once the topic is created, click on the topic name to open its settings.
    • In the topic settings, click on "Endpoints" and then "+ Event Subscription" to create a new subscription.
    • Provide a name for the subscription.
    • In the "Endpoint Type" section, select "Webhook" as the endpoint type.
    • In the "Endpoint" field, provide the URL of the MQTT broker you want to connect to. This will depend on your specific setup.
    • Configure any additional settings as needed and click on "Create" to create the subscription.

    Configure the HMI:

    • On your HMI device, open the configuration settings for the MQTT client.
    • In the configuration settings, you will typically find options to set the MQTT broker URL, client ID, username, password, and other relevant settings.
    • Use the MQTT broker URL you specified in the Azure Event Grid subscription endpoint as the broker URL in the HMI configuration.
    • Configure the remaining settings (such as client ID, username, and password) as required by your MQTT broker and HMI device.

    Test the MQTT communication:

    • Save the configuration settings on the HMI device and ensure that it is connected to the network.
    • Publish a test message to the Azure Event Grid topic or simulate an event that should trigger a message to be sent to the MQTT broker.
    • Monitor the MQTT broker to see if it receives the messages from the Event Grid topic.

    In addition to the above steps, here are a few KB articles that you can refer to for more information and troubleshooting:

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